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There are different possibilities for the cleaning of parts. Micro + Hega Surfaces offers the following cleaning procedures. Combinations in order to get to a better cleaning result are possible:

  • spray washing
  • immersion cleaning
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • high-pressure cleaning

In order to determine the correct method an analysis of the components to be cleaned along the following parameters is needed:

  • geometry
  • material
  • type of contamination
  • number of items
  • further use
  • requested level of cleanliness
  • surface quality

Further criteria are:

  • environmental compliance and economic efficiency

General facts:

  • high-quality goods with complex geometry, as well as high requirements for surface quality and cleanliness, are mostly cleaned as frame goods.
  • mass-produced goods with simple geometry and insensitive surfaces are mostly cleaned as bulk goods
  • Frame goods have, while the requested level of cleanliness remains the same, comparatively shorter cleaning times than bulk goods

How do we clean:

All our systems operate environmentally friendly with aqueous media. Main components are water and the respective cleaning agent (liquid or as a powder), which is adjusted according to the component part’s material, the type of contamination, and the further use of the component part. Aqueous media are the most important media for intermediate and final cleaning of high quantities or for precision / fine cleaning

We distinguish the following cleaning agents:

  • Alkaline cleaning agents -> metalworking industry / organic and inorganic contamination
  • Neutral cleaning agents -> with steel, castings, aluminium, etc. Important here: the weaker cleaning effect in comparison to the alkaline cleaning agent; therefore needs mechanical support, e.g. ultrasonic support.
  • Acidic cleaning agents -> rust, scales + inorganic contamination

We provide the opportunity for cleaning experiments under lab as well as production conditions (for miscellaneous customers in the surroundings).

Further information will be provided in personal consultations!


Here we present some examples of our cleaning Systems:

Fully automatic immersion cleaning system

Ultrasonic cleaning bath

Ultrasonic cleaning tank

Ultrasonic oscillators

Semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning system

Revolving drum with strips for external control (for immersion cleaning system)

Fully automatic cleaning system for optics


Inline cleaning

Further photos, drawings, or similar things upon request.

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