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Product range

Individual cleaning and electroplating systems for all surfaces

Our manufacturing and production programme does not leave any wishes unfulfilled. Our motto: We optimise cleaning and electroplating processes. The following is an excerpt from our manufacturing programme:

Fully automatic and manual ultrasonic cleaning systems

  • for aqueous media

Fully automatic and manual electroplating systems

  • for phosphating, for example, chrome, nickel, gold, and many more


 Inline cleaning systems

Fully automatic converter systems

  • for cleaning and electroplating processes with PLC control or Soft-PLC solution
  • linear arrangement of baths
  • treatment on frames or in drums

Revolving machines

  • for cleaning and electroplating processes

Special systems for semi-conductor technology

  • for use in super-clean rooms

Circulating-air drying systems

  • completely made of high-grade steel
  • in fully automatic and manual designs

Special systems and lab equipment

  • in high-grade steel or plastic designs

Ultrasonic applications

  • for cleaning purposes

Filtering units

  • made of high-grade steel and plastic

Dosage applications

Wastewater treatment

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