Inline, Vergolden, Versilbern, Verchromen, Verzinken, Verkupfern
Reinigung, Reinigungstechnik, Galvanotechnik, Oberflächenbehandlung, Galvanik, Spritzreinigung, Tauchreinigung, Ultraschallreinigung
Good reasons for... HEGA Systems

Members of Pütz Group

Accumation GmbH, Limburg-Offheim

Battery production machinery
(Production- and finishing):

  • Starter batteries
  • Tractions batteries
  • Industrial batteries

Special machinery

Founded in 2009 as branch of Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH,
outsourcing in April 2016

Bellaform GmbH, Gau-Algesheim (Mainz) 

Machines and systems for plastics processing:

  • Extrusion plants
  • Shear roller mixing systems

Founded in 1957, member of the group since July 2007



HEGA Systems GmbH, Freiberg am Neckar (Ludwigsburg)

Machines for  industrial cleaning and electroplating technology
Founded in 1945, member of the group since March 2014



Hirscheider GmbH, Ellwangen

Endfinishing machines and end machining centers
Founded in 1978, member of the group since July 2013



Innovision GmbH, Saarburg (Trier)

Industrial Image Processing:

  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Presence/Completeness

Founded in 1993, member of the group since Juny 2016



Micro Surfaces GmbH, Freiberg am Neckar (Ludwigsburg)

Deburring and surface finishing technologies

  • Abrasive flow machining
  • Vibratory finishing

 Founded 1992, member of the Group since September 2015 



PMC Machinery Solutions s.r.o., Bratislava (Slovakia)

Machines and mechanical engineering for the automotive and supplier industry. Location in Slovakia since 2004.



Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH, Saarburg (Trier)


  • Hardware (Siemens Simatic, Allen-Bradley Logix, other upon request)
  • Software (Siemens WinCC Flexible/TIA Portal, Factory Talk View, other upon request)
  • Management and control technology

1988 Start-up as a one-man Show in Saarburg (Rheinland-Pfalz)



RICO GmbH, Ellwangen

Maschins and plants for the beverage industry
Founded in 1972, member of the group since June 2012 



Sampas GmbH, Kernen-Rommelshausen (Waiblingen)

Robot and system solutions for:

  • Handling and assembly
  • Milling and deburring
  • Grinding and polishing

Founded in 1993, member of the group since April 2010


SilverCut GmbH, Mosbach-Neckarelz

Cutting technology

  • Production and special purpose cutting machines for wet and dry cutting
  • Cutting machines for tests and metallography

Founded in 1924, member of the group since July 2018