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Mobile pump filter unit

Separation of smallest, magnetic residues and filtration of aqueous cleaning media

Micro + Hega Surfaces develops and manufactures mobile filter units for cleaning systems which enable you to increase the (aqueous) medium change intervals, thus reducing costs as well as wear in the tube systems and valves.

Your benefits:

  • Extension of medium change intervals
    (Increase of the bath lifetime)
  • Saving of time and expenses
  • Improvement of the purity of the cleaning medium
  • Improvement of the cleaning quality
  • Reduction of wear in the tube systems and valves

Technical details:

Feed rate / feed pressureapprox. 50 l/min at approx. 6 bar
Temperature of the mediummax. 70ºC


  • Modification for rough shavings

More convincing arguments:

  • By the use of (injection) lances for suction and re-circulation complicated connections are not necessary.
  • The volume flow is adjustable by a pressure control valve and a manually operating diaphragm valve.
  • Depending on fall out sizes various coarse and fine filters are available.
  • Frame, separator, filter and tubes are made of stainless steel, so they are suitable for high temperatures.
  • The unit works only in pneumatic mode, an electrical connection is not required!

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