Good reasons for... Micro + Hega Surfaces


A solution for all those who want to save on personnel and thus costs. A solution for all those whose parts to clean are too big or too heavy for manual handling.

The new converter represents the efficient and cost-effective alternative to the standard system – a combination of a special system and standard floor-mounted devices and generators fully customized to meet your requirements. You decide yourself – we are also more than happy to support you – which standard devices are required for your cleaning problem and just how many devices are needed for your process. Naturally, existing devices have the potential of being integrated. We will then build the converter to match the chosen devices and customize it to your needs.

It consists of a level-adjusting rack for the standard devices and their generators – and when needed a dryer and/or a spill sump – as well as the actual converter including the controls. This guarantees fully automatic movement and conveying of goods through the baths.

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