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Inline Cleaning

The flexible solution for effective cleaning of components, high-quality parts in goods trays, or bulk goods.

Inline-capable cleaning systems are characterised by a compact, space-saving design. The arrangement of the baths is linear or circular, special solutions for limited set-up space are possible.

The basic module comprises of an ultrasonic cleaning bath and / or spray washing, as well as a rinsing bath. When needed it can be expanded to feature pre-washing, one or more rinsing baths, and a dryer module. According to usage the cleaning system can be fully encapsulated (vaporisation, contamination, noise, heat). When desired the system can be adapted for usage in clean and super-clean rooms.

The cleaning process itself, the required number and size of baths for station times, the handling system, and the degree of automation will be individually adjusted to the preceding and subsequent production process as well as to your component / goods tray and their respective weight. Size or weight limits are not needed.

According to the size of parts and requested purity and surface quality, cleaning can be done for single components (where bunching before and separation after the cleaning need not take place), frame goods, or bulk goods.

Upon request or when needed, the system can also be retrofitted to comprise of a central or local preparation unit.

Convincing performance advantages:

  • Due to the specific planning of the system you will get a solution which is 100% custom-made for your cleaning problems and your needs
  • Optimal utilisation of space and cleaning media is guaranteed.
  • Due to simple maintenance, long system durability caused by usage of high-quality materials, and the possibility to get spare parts even years later, MICRO + HEGA Surfaces inline-capable cleaning system does not let you down when economic aspects are concerned.
  • Thanks to the modular design, an inexpensive backfitting or an extension of your system, in case of changes to your product or your production processes, is possible even years later.

Due to decades of experience with inline-capable cleaning we have convinced many satisfied customers with our systems!

This is made possible by the flexible design of the system and, hence, the possible optimal adjustment to your ever-changing needs at any time and at a low cost.

This way, our systems can achieve durable and sustainably excellent cleaning results.


Our fully automatic ultrasonic immersion cleaning system has been designed using a modular concept for cleaning with aqueous media.

Transport of goods and products through the system is carried out in detachable pivot mountings so that bulk goods and delicate goods may be washed individually. Subsequent cleaning is carried out with ultrasonic support. The system is controlled by a PLC with a superposed main computer via a touchscreen where several treatment programmes can be freely chosen.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of inserting a spray pre-washing at any time. For maintenance purposes it is possible to manually carry out all the functions of the system using a wireless remote control.

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