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News and Innovations

November 2023
Spare parts even after years 

Are your abrasive flow machines still doing their job safely and tirelessly for many years? Have your cleaning systems also been in reliable use for many years thanks to their robustness? With expert maintenance, older machines will continue to function perfectly and reliably even after decades.

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Modernize your control system now!

Industry 4.0 allows for a sharp leap in productivity and profits. Those who use this development create significant competitive advantages for themselves and their customers. Your control system has a lot of intelligence and potential, too. In collaboration with Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH we are today once more offering you the chance to adapt your control system to the technology of the future.

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Test processing of individual pieces and prototypes

Are your components as unique as you are? Do your workpieces feature a complex geometry, unusual material, extraordinary machining task or simply require surface improvement? Take advantage of our test and development departmentwith many years of experience in abrasive flow machining and vibratory finishing. Send us your special post-processing task along with sample parts and drawings. Together we can create the perfect machining process for your individual pieces and prototypes.

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Which processing task can we solve for you?

Whether valve bodies, gear components, turbine blades, dies or 3D components – every workpiece requires an individual solution for the processing of its surfaces.

We are your partner for abrasive flow machining processes covering everything from analysis, subcontracting to the implementation of processes at your company location.

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We optimise your cleaning processes

Once surfaces have been processed using our MICRO STREAM® abrasive flow machining process®, your components usually have to be cleaned. For this purpose, we now also offer suitable cleaning technologies, e.g. ultrasonic cleaning or immersion cleaning.

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