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Good reasons for... Micro + Hega Surfaces

For greater productivity and quality:

Control system modernisation – even for other manufacturer‘s equipmenten

Is your control system ready for industry 4.0?
Your equipment’s intelligence lies in its control system. Modern visualisation systems display the entire process chain including all sub-processes virtually and help to optimise components, create process understanding, and thereby facilitate operations. Visual monitoring alone no longer meets today‘s demands for better quality, speed, and lower costs – automated quality control systems are the future.

Talk to us to get your equipment’s control system ready for the future, too.

Nowadays, our customers are increasingly demanding the following modernisationmeasures:

  • Conversion to the latest control technology
    e.g. Siemens Simatic S7-300, S7-1200,
    S7-1500, VIPA or to customer request
  • Process data acquisition
    for continuous production optimisations
  • Installation of camera systems
    for automated quality control

Advantages for your equipment after modernisation:

  • Detailed product data collection
  • Heating current monitoring
  • Connection of the control system to a superior network
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Display and setting of all process parameters via the touch panel
  • Desired features it has been missing so far (optional after testing)
  • Fitting of the equipment with a remote maintenance system (optional)



Our integration into PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergies have enabled us to offer the matching inspection technology for inspecting surfaces and dimensional stability in addition to the machines and systems for plastic processing.

  • Customised and proactive adaptation of your equipment to the latest technologies as well as program changes to your specifications
  • Upgrades for Abrasive Flow Machine control systems to the latest technology
    - Exchange of your PLC for the latest Siemens control system or other
    - Exchange of your control unit for a Siemens Comfort Panel, Siemens Industrial PC, or other
    - Exchange of your old cabinet components for current ones and for Micro+Hega-systems for proven components or others
    - Exchange and modernisation of the entire cabinet technology
  • Expansion of existing equipment (also from other manufacturers) and, if necessary, troubleshooting
  • Training and commissioning support

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