Umsetzer, Inline, Vergolden, Versilbern, Verchromen, Verzinken, Verkupfern, Verzinnen, Vernickeln, Platinieren , Brünieren, Eloxieren
Good reasons for... Micro + Hega Surfaces

Our service for your proven in-use machines:

Spare parts, service and maintenance work

We offer you spare parts, service and maintenance work for your tried and tested machines so that you can confidently rely on your "seniors" for years to come.

Your benefits:

  • Spare and wear parts for AFM machines and HEGA cleaning systems

  • Service and maintenance work for AFM machines and HEGA cleaning systems

  • Spare part identification where machine documentation is unavailable

  • Identification of service requirements at your site

Everything from a single source

Take advantage of the synergy effects that result from our integration into the Pütz Group! In addition to surface finishing technologies as well as industrial cleaning technologies, we can also offer you the right testing technology to test surfaces and dimensional accuracy.


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